Skiing & Snowboarding in Obertauern

Amazing slopes await you on Salzburg’s fantastic mountains. Plus, you won’t even need a car – because in Obertauern, you are never more than a few minutes from the slopes. The ski lifts are so well-connected that you can ski down all of the slopes and head right back to the starting station!
Obertauern has one of the highest guarantees of snow of any ski regions in the Alps. Between 1,630 and 2,313 metres, you can look forward to a gondola lift, 19 chairlifts and six tow lifts plus about 100 kilometres of great ski slopes  and 26 kilometres of cross-country ski trails .

Nothing will come between you and an athletic yet relaxing day of winter sports. This ski region is also a special treat or freeriders !

Guaranteed snow from the end of November until the beginning of May!
Have a top skiing holiday!

A special meeting point for snowboarders is the four-seat chair lift on the Kehrkopf. Here is an attractive FUNPARK for all snowboarders and boarding fans!

Snowboarders love the longplay park and it really has something for everyone:

Longplaypark Obertauern
  • 3 Kickers (small 6 m, medium 10 m, big 14 m)
  • 2 Easy Rollers (4 m), 1 corner (20x6 m)
  • 1 Wallride Slanted Coping (4x3 m)
  • Straight rails (9 m, 8 m, 6 m, 5 m, 2x4 m)
  • Rainbow rails (6 m)
  • Straight boxes (9 m, 2x4 m, 2x3 m)
  • Kinked box (6m )
  • Double kinked box (9 m)
  • Curved box (6 m)
  • A-frame powerade box (11 m)
  • Quarterpipe (easy but nice!)
  • "Baumstumpf" (2x)

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